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Bear Creek Industries supplies a line of hunting and outdoor accessories, catering specifically to small business. Most of our products are packaged in attractive countertop display boxes that are great to have by the checkout register. Bear Creek has the Bear Creek Buck Tag, a hunting tag protector for states that issue tags as well as the Buck Label, a hunting tag protector for states that require game to be marked but do not supply tags. 

Click on the Game Finder Beacon link on the left to see a demonstration a unique new product, a marking light only one centimeter in diameter, is inexpensive, lasts for over 12 hours, and is visible for hundreds of yards. Kids also like these lights to wear on their clothes.

Also check out our Shooter's ear plugs and Trail Marking Tape. These hunting supplies make great checkout counter items during hunting season.

Take advantage of a great shipping rate at Bear Creek!! FREE SHIPPING WHEN YOU ORDER ON LINE!!! This special won't last long, so save money on shipping now!!!

Bear Creek is a wholesale hunting supply and does not sell retail to the general public, only in case quantity to retailers. Bear Creek will gladly send samples upon request.